Degree in Medicine and Surgeon at University of Bari, Italy, in July 2000. Specialized in the same University in Psychiatry in January 2005. During the School of Specialization, he was member of research group on Psychiatric Neurosciences and worked on Neuro-Imaging using functional MRI and Spectroscopy  applied in patients affected by schizophrenia.


Since October 2006, when his daughter was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), he started studing and working with Biomedical Treatments of ASDs using the knowledge of Autism Research Institute – San Diego (CA). He followed medical training for several months at the “The

Rimland Centre” – Lynchburg (VA) under the mentoring of Dr E. Mumper.

Since 2006 until 2012 every year He was attending annual scientific meeting and medilcal training of Autism Research Institute and  since 2012 the annual AutismOne Coference in Chicago.


He is director of the “Biomedical Center for Autism Research and Treatment”

in Bari – Italy, where he meet Italian and International patients coming from more then 30 different countries around the world. In his Biomedical Center he is working exclusively with children affected by Neuro-Developmental Disorders. He is meeting patients also in several other towns of Italy, as well as in severalCountries,

In 2010, in collaboration with Dr. Dario Siniscalco, Second University of Naples, he founded a research group to study molecular and cellular changes in ASDs. This group is conducting

several research trials in collaboration with differen International University and Researcher in Europe and USA and has already published several works on international

peer-reviewed journals in the field of Autism. See Pubblications here.

Since 2013 He is working in collaboration with Nobel Prize winner Prof. Luc Montagnier regarding chronic bacterial infection in autism and has also studied and published about molecular pathways involved in oxidative stress and inflammation in autism spectrum disorders.


He is invited to have a speach in several international conferences (Malta 2010, Kiev 2012, Warsaw 2013, Edinburg 2013, Kiev 2013, Dubai 2013, Paris 2014).  In May 2015 he has a speach at AutismOne Conference In Chicago about “Effective Strategies for Intervention for Each Autism Phenotype”


His works received 339 citations so far, with h-index: 10.


He received several international grants for his researches on Autism.


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Book chapters

  • Dario Siniscalco, Nicola Antonucci. Current therapies. Translational Approaches to Autism Spectrum Disorder. 2015; 195-207. Springer Ed.
  • Dario Siniscalco, Nicola Antonucci. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in the Diagnosis of Autism-Related Disorders. Application of NMR Spectroscopy. 2015; 1: 131-142. Bentham Ed.
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  • Dario Siniscalco, Nicola Antonucci, Sabatino Maione, Laura De Magistris. Receptor/regulatory molecules pattern changes: a focus on caspases in autism spectrum disorders. Biochemical aspects in autism spectrum disorders. A comprehensive guide to autism. 2014; 1245-1257. Springer Ed.


International conferences (as speaker)

  • AutismOne 2015 Conference. Chicago, IL, USA. May 20-24, 2015.
  • Conferenza sull'autismo. Associazione ABAL. Tregnago (Verona), Italy. June 13th, 2014.
  • AutismOne 2014 Conference. Chicago, IL, USA. May 21-25, 2014.
  • Digestive Disease Week 2014. Chicago, IL, USA. May 2014.
  • Second GcMAF Immunology Conference 2013. Dubai, UAE.  December 5th-7th, 2013.
  • Autism Conference - Autism Treatment Trust. Changing the course of autism: The science and intervention. Edinburgh, Scotland. 12th-13th June 2013.
  • GcMAF Immunology Conference 2013. Frankfurt, Germany. 20-21st April 2013.
  • Second International Conference on "Treatment of the child with autism - newest medical trends". Warsaw, Poland. 23-24th March 2013.









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